To Pikap is a multi-purpose facility located at the general Roman Forum – Bit Bazar area, at the centre of Thessaloniki, Greece, 57 Olympou Str. It is active since July 2015 and it is operated by six co-partners/co-workers. It occupies an area of approximately 150 square meters and it consists of two levels.

Our activities include the managing of a radio station, a record store, a book store, an art space called “The Room”, a cafe-bar with daily dj sets, two online platforms regarding the visual artists and the musicians of Thessaloniki, an online art magazine, the producing of three series of videos regarding music and live acts, a record label, plus many collaborations with external individuals, teams and organizations.

For further information, please visit our site Link.


To Pikap was launched because of a need. We want to get in touch with as much as possible of the artistic creation taking place both at a local and at an international level as well, aiming to make our lives more complete.

Using the present means available, but also expecting the future means to come, we seek to contribute to the creative universe by becoming both a channel and a hub.

A hub for the local artistic community and a channel with the rest of the world in pursue of an open dialogue and a circulation of ideas and experiences. We hope that our project can prove itself as a useful tool for the artists and the artistic world in general, by promoting collaborations and easing the accessibility to useful information.

Numerous people have expressed themselves in various creative ways and shown their work through our facilities with digital means playing a key role towards this direction. A vast amount of information is uploaded at our site and the rest of our online platforms as well, making it easy for everyone to get in touch with every thing that is performed through our project.

Working as a team, we consider collaborations with other individuals, groups and organizations, an essential way to fulfil our goals. We are particularly interested in working with people from abroad, so as for everyone that gets involved to have the benefit of expanding hers/his ways of expression and, furthermore, to have better understanding of the diverse background that each one of us carries.

We think that besides the diversity of human expression there is an invisible thread connecting all artistic creation. The richness of diversity emphasizes that connection, designating the many aspects of our common ground. Nowadays the use of digital means empowers us with the ability to showcase and promote the conjunctive role of this diversity.

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